Whatever kind of system you run, you will probably already be familiar with electronic point control. Many layouts have their points controlled in this way, and it is an important part of a computer-controlled layout, because a computer must be able to change points, and thus the path of trains, if it is to control the routes those trains will take.

Our demonstration layout uses Tortoise slow-motion point motors to operate Peco 00 points, but most point motors can be operated on a DCC layout.

The key is the accessory decoder which sends the control messages to the point motor.

We use the Digitrax DS64 (which can operate four separate points); this device, through the LocoNet bus circuit, receives messages from the computer software, and passes on these commands to the relevant point (which will have been programmed with a unique accessory number).

The point changes direction as required, and the train moves through it using the route the computer selected. Simple!