The era modelled is from the period 1958 through to 1972.  This period encompassed two significant changes on the railways.  Steam was still ubiquitous with just a few of the diesel prototypes at the start and tracks the relentless rise of diesel and the demise of steam.  The transformation of the regional liveries to a single livery and then the introduction of BR Blue from 1965 onwards through to the uniform corporate landscape in the 1970's.  We also capture the demise of general and mixed freight traffic on the railways and the introduction of air-braked stock and bulk traffic.  The goal is to be able to run operating sessions dedicated to a specific year.

Stub:  The era modelled on McKinley Railway is from 1962 through to 1972. During that time the railways of the underwent significant changes and a significant level of modernization.

 We want to show the regional liveries from 1962 through tto the later livery of BR Blue. We could show steam locos were in certain liveries for different types of operation and also the change in diesels from full green through to Corporate Blue.


Article will show the BR Map from the early 1960s and overlay the route plan of the layout showing the principles cities of London, Birmingham and Manchester. Wewant to get across the idea of the layout being one of Journies.  Manchester being a point for through trains from the north to the south plus commuter trains.  Birmingham being an important cross country centre with connections to all points across the country.

Stub.  This article should show pictures of the three principle cities and a bit of their background.  We could include a bit of the railway history and who joined the cities up.